How I Applied Canada for Post Graduate Program and Got Rejected?

Canada is one of the best places for study abroad. Without a doubt, numberless students around the globe come to study in Canada. The best thing about canada is the public Universities offer international students to come and study. However, without a genuine information, you’ll go no near the application process.

Jumping to the fact, if you want to apply for post graduate degree course, I highly recommend you to apply by yourself. And this article will help you to process from the very beginning till the time of VISA.

Needless to say, running after consultancies will only cost you tons and tons of money. You can use that money for the flight cost and shopping stuff.But I did a mistake I applied through consultancy and paid almost 25k to get rejected.

Say No to Consultancies. They are Money Sucking Machines.

It’s a lengthy process where I gone through lots of difficulties, but if you follow the following instruction and guide thoroughly, trust me it will not be hard for you.

Why is this article legitimate?                            

I applied all with the help of consultancy and right now. Trust me, the consultancies will charge you minimum of Rs 50k – 60k just to tell you the following things. You have to do everything by yourself even if you’re applying from Consultancy.

Before we begin, let us procure some significant information or FAQ regarding Canadian Study.

  • TOEFL/IELTS is mandatory. Visit the University’s official site for the minimum English Proficiency requirement. In most cases, the University accepts a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 and TOEFL IBT score of 80 for a masters degree. But still, you have to make sure.
  • Almost all the courses are taught in English in Public Universities.
  • Not all courses are free and there are some private Universities who charge you for tuition fee. Do some research before applying.
  • 3 and 4 Years Bachelors degree both are acceptable and total 16 years of schooling is a must.
  • The application generally opens from Almost all the year for 2 intake September and January. This means in that period of time, you have to register your application from the online portal.
  • There is no limit to how many applications you want to submit to the University. As long as you find your relevant course of study, you can apply to multiple Universities. In fact, you have a better chance of getting offer letter if you apply to more Universities.
  • You don’t need to send/submit any documents directly to the University via FedEx or DHL. You just need to submit your documents to the VFS Global and they will do the rest.
  • Property valuation or income proof is required. However, you must transfer the certain amount (approx CAN $7500 directly to the Canadian bank through after your receive the offer letter. How, When, and Where to transfer will be informed by the University after you get an acceptance letter.
  • The money you deposited will be returned to your personal bank account if visa get rejected It will take around 1-2 weeks for final offer letter after your amount is swift to Canada
  • You need to pay fooding and housing by yourself. University will help you to get housing as well if needed.

What after First offer letter?

Start preparing the following documents. These are the documents you need during the VISA processing at VFS global.

  • Verify your educational documents from respective Institutions. You’ll need to verify and attest SLC, +2 and Bachelors degree certificates with your copies.  Go to Notary publication for SLC & +2 certificate verification and go to your respective University Office for bachelors degree verification. They will take some charges for that. If you have bachelors degree from out of Nepal then you should take Equivalency letter from Tribhuwan University they will charge for that and some of the equivalency are free I did the same.
  • Take your attested documents to Ministry of Education (located in Kaiser Library), Prepare No Objection Letter (NOC) from Ministry of Education (Opens only till 12.00 pm). You will need this to send your deposit directly from your Bank account to the University’s account. While preparing No Objection Letter, make sure you have the following documents with you. Otherwise, you will return empty handed.


  1. Notarized Photocopy of your Citizenship. It’s the verification photocopy of your Citizenship. Take original citizenship card with you as well.
  2. Original copy of Bachelors degree certificate and the copy of attested documents and Equivalency letter from TU . Take original certificate and transcript with you. You have the attested as well right? Take them with you too.


  • University’s Acceptance/Offer Letter. Now, the government staffs will give you a real headache on this. They don’t listen to you even if you are right and they think they are right. Don’t worry submit your document you will get NOC they will charge 2k for NOC.


Transferring Education fees

  • After getting NOC multiple option for you there are 4-5 banks which are accepted by Canada SBI Nepal, Everest Bank, and Nepal Investment Bank as my mom have Account of Nepal Investment Bank we process through it.
  • First submit your NOC, Offer letter and code provided by you should register and fill the form in accordingly and flywire provide you with different bank adderess and account number with unique code. It is almost same as online money transfer like IME.
  • They will swift your amount to Canada with taking some charge including 1% Education Tax.
  • During Your Process your Bank Account must have minimum 30 lakh with include you transferred Amount too. Better before transferring your money take a statement of your account because it will show 30lakh amount in your account without deducting your education fees.
  • Within 2-3 days you will get your final offer letter.


Income paper and sources

  • You need to show not less than 15 lakh of Annual income from your family including you if you earn.
  • Now talking about source salary slip from office, income source from agriculture, Business, House Rent etc.
  • Government Paper for income source (House Rent, Land Rent, Agriculture etc) are the income document provide by your Municipality office with Include Relationship Certificate(naata parmanit) too.
  • After submition of all legal document you will get Tax clearance.


Time For Property Valuation And CA report

  • Provide all property papers like (house paper, Land Paper, Salary source) related to property and with also include Statement provide by bank. properties' value must be minimum 1 crore.  
  • you need to translate all the Nepali written document to English and Charter accountant Will make one CA report that means summarizing your income source and properties.
  • Finally Your paper works complete.

Documents to submit to Canada high commission India

  • 10+2 certificate, marksheet, provisional certificate.
  • Bachelor Degree, Marksheet Provisional certificate,Migration certificate.
  • All Academic Certificate.
  • No Objection Certificate.
  • Income source.
  • Property Valuation.
  • CA report.
  • Final Offer Letter.
  • Police report.
  • Statement Of Proposal (sop).
  • Job recommendation letter.
  • Notarized All Documents.


Where and how to apply for visa?

  • Now, you are finally ready to apply for the VISA. You need to visit VFS Global to apply for visa. As I am writing this, it is currently located in Mahalaxmisthan Road, just 2 minutes walk from Patan Hospital. Previously, it was situated in Naxal, Kathmandu.

Make sure you bring the following documents with you to the VFS office when applying for VISA:

  • All the attested academic documents issued by the particular institution, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (SLC, +2, Bachelors degree)
  • A copy of all Passport used/unused pages from page 1 to last. Make it a clear copy.
  • Two original passport-size photographs with white background. not the PP sized photo but the MRP one.
  • Signed Cover Letter from the application portalClick here to download the form.
  • Offer/Acceptance letter from the particular University.
  • Funding receipt. (The receipt bank will provide you when you submit your fund from local bank to the bank in Norway).
  • Curricular Vitae / Resume (Not necessary but I submitted) 
  • You experienced Letters from the work. (If you have).

That’s all. Submit all your documents with VISA fee NRP 23,000. They’ll ask you whether if you want SMS tracking service. Simply decline the offer. You’ll save extra Rs 180. I didn’t get a single SMS from them. None of my friends got one.

The sooner you apply for VISA, sooner you’ll get the Medical appointment date.

If you get medical letter from Canadian high commission then take a long breath and thanks to god 99.99% you will get visa. but in my case I get rejected due to my some academic reason .

Wait to collect your Passport after you receive a call from VFS. In the meantime, you begin your shopping.

And Travel to Canada !!

If you have any question regarding VISA or documentation process, do not hesitate to Mail me . I will be more than happy to assist you (for free).

If by any chance, you happen to meet me, I expect a PIZZA from you. 

Good Luck !!


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