Relationship Goals

Many couples have a similar view as the relationship goes downhill after they got married. The married couple believes that there is a drastic change in relationships once couple ties a knot. Couples with the feeling of wanting to be with him/her almost all time changes with some now longing for time alone.

There arises a lot of changes even in a healthy relationship. It changes every little thing between a male and a female. We had already been living together for 1 years, and the first few month of living togetherness tested and changed the relationship between us. It added a flavor between us in our life within this period of time. I love being able to look over sometimes and just think that boy right there is none other than my husband. Getting married for us was always a reinforcement of our dynamic so we have been as romantic as we were before. We discuss finances, where we want to settle down, what we want to get done and what we should do in our future to run our daily life. At the same time, we are more mindful of having lives are distinct from each other.  I still feel like I'm discovering new things about him. Many people believe that getting married is the destruction of life but I believe that it is a beginning of new life. I don’t think that our relationship changed as it is still fun introducing him as my husband. If you get excited about your partner's good news then you will have a better relationship. In addition to it, every small thing brings happiness in one's life for the relationship goals. There is also some conflict between the couples. Therefore, every couple must know each other for the healthy relationship. Every individual must learn and define each other's core values and focus on the things that are a bit superficial. It does not mean appearances but the things to share like hobbies, interest, etc. These are necessary for the great beginning but not necessary good foundation. Similarly get to know each other's friends, family and also experience stressful situation together.

Thus, it may take a large amount of time for different couples to know or understand each other but still, it is possible and beneficial to know someone well before you marry. Choosing a life partner is a great important decision but being pre-planned in learning about each other is more important than any indefinite waiting period.

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