Sex with Virgin and Pleasure

Sex is the composition of there magical alphabet, that not only sounds amusing but also coying, sometimes. It is a delicate matter and is not open for the country like Nepal. Exposing sexuality is unorthodox and may be the cause of shame often. In our society, male are dominant creature while female being recessive. Why not it's trend in most part of the world. So, why shouldn't men be dominating in sexual aspects as well?

The question is why men is always inclined to have sex with a virgin women? There might be several theories to answer this minor yet convulated question. But in my opinion it's all dominating nature of male. 

In fact, it's the feeling of superiority that tends a men to taste a amusement in novice way. It's a feeeling where men tends to show his sole right toward a girl. Suppose, a girl is having sex with someone, and she already had a sex with someone else. In this case, the boy may have sex with that girl but in a conscious mind, he would be feeling uneasy because he lost in the battle with someone anonymous. Here, the feeling of lost domination acts that might be unpleasuring to boy. 

Maybe such sentiment are not meritorious while exposing such sentiments. But it's true for everybody that having sex with non-virgin girl is not reach to that surplus level of pleasure. 

Does searching a Virgin girl for Sex describes Manhood?

Well, it is diputable to talk about manhood but men do search for a virgin girl to have sex. In our society, it is accepytable that, men can have multiple sexual relationship but women can't. If she does, she is a whore. Men can have multiple relationship because there is no question to raise on virginity. 

Why there is such perfidious subject? Sex is the way to engender next generation but at the same time it a method to have pleasure as well. So, why always men have all the right for pleasure? why not women? Maybe, it is out of social ethos, but a women should have right to multiple sexual relation and the taboo of virginity must be discarded. Perhaps, that won't raise a question on manhood. 


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