My Happiest Hour

I found my way in the darkness of these green forests
The sparkle in this darkness
Gives me a clear view
Where I am and where I want to be…

The road I chose is dull, full of filth
I move forward without having any guilt
This is perfect and I did this to me
Transcending this darkness, there’s a clear sky to see…

You just saw dark, I saw enormous light
I’m searching inside me to find that paramount height
Either I’ll rise like a speck of dust, or fall like a broken star
No matter wherever I’ll be, I’ll be the way I are…

Nobody to blame, neither I’m covered with a shame
I’m just playing in my yard, my own beautiful game
I know I’m beatified by my own god
On top of that crest, I’ll be the only stud…

Thinking out loud, I found my own answer
Darkness on my footstep, I’ll certainly reclaim that tower
Setting out in a journey, full of thorny flower
With self-proclamation, I’m in my happiest hour…

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